Apr 28 2014

Floyd Mayweather Next Opponent: Why It Won’t Be Manny Pacquiao Or Bernard Hopkins

With four fights remaining on Floyd Mayweather’s Showtime contract, the undefeated boxer appears to be running out of legitimate challengers. He’s set to face Marcos Maidana on May 3, but most experts don’t give the 30-year-old much of a chance.

While few, if any, current boxers have a true shot to beat Mayweather, he has still yet to fight two of the biggest names in recent boxing history. Bernard Hopkins and Manny Paccquiao have both issued challenges, hoping to be one of his next opponents. A bout between Mayweather and either competitor would be a major draw, but neither is likely to happen.

Hopkins has most recently declared his desire to fight Mayweather. The 49-year-old defeated Beibut Shumenov on Saturday to unify light heavyweight world titles. Now, Hopkins has his sights set on the best boxer in the world.

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Apr 11 2014

Forbes talks Mayweather v Maidana, says Pacquiao only feasible challenger

Veteran fighter Steve ‘2 Pound’ Forbes is backing Floyd Mayweather to put on another masterclass on May 3 in Las Vegas and says recent sparring partner Manny Pacquiao could be the only challenger to get close to the world’s premiere fighter before he retires next year.

Forbes, who himself is a former world champion, is predicting an action-packed contest when ‘The Moment’ arrives next month, with Mayweather coming out on top once again to keep his title belt and unbeaten record intact.

“I have to favour the pound for pound king until someone comes along who can break his skills,” Forbes told World Boxing News.

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Mar 29 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr: You should thank him

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote something for the rabid fans of boxingnews24. I have been participating in the commenting forums. In my participation I have noticed the utter disdain some fans show towards Floyd Mayweather Jr. As fans of the sport we all have the right to pick our favorite fighter, we also have the right as fans to say that our guy is the best in the world.

With those rights given to fans, there needs to be some standard of a fan. As a fan, your first love should be the sport itself; no single being should ever have more of your heart than the sport. No matter how much I loved Jordan and Magic my love for the NBA was greater than them as I am still a fan. You must also have the where with all to understand when an athlete is pioneering a sport and have enough perspective to be able to appreciate.

The name Floyd Mayweather is one that brings mixed opinions as well as heightened emotions. Depending on who you ask you could be told he is the greatest fighter that has ever lived, or the biggest crock that boxing has ever seen. But one thing is sure about Floyd Mayweather, when he is mentioned the dial moves. Let’s go back to say 2005, this was a low in boxing when many fans thought boxing was dead. Remember that “boxing is dead” for a while there even I was coming to grips with the imminent death of a love one.

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Mar 15 2014

Mayweather: “Maidana was one round from finishing Khan”

Mayweather, 37, said in an interview after his press conference to officially announce his May 3 bout that: “Maidana was one round away from stopping Amir Khan.”

Khan, 26, fought Maidana for the WBA light-welterweight title in Las Vegas and won by unanimous decision.

Knocking down his Argentine opponent in the opening round with a body punch, Maidana got up and survived the round. Khan dominated the first six rounds before the power of Maidana started to tell later on.

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Feb 28 2014

Khan: Mayweather has been just using my name

Amir Khan thinks Floyd Mayweather Jr. just used his name to get attention for his website poll at Mayweather Promotions website without being serious about having any interest in fighting him. Khan doesn’t like it and he feels he was used by the talented star. Like in his other interviews, Khan is convinced that Mayweather is afraid of fighting opponents with fast hands like himself and Manny Pacquiao. That’s why he feels that Mayweather will face the considerably slower WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana next on May 3rd.

“He’s just been using my name, saying should I fight Maidana or Khan in the poll on his website, which was the official one,” Khan said to behindthegloves.com. “I’ve been waiting a long, long time [for him to announce the fight]. Floyd wants to fight guys that are easy. He don’t want to fight someone who is explosive, and who has a lot of speed. I believe I can go in there and beat him. I believe I can go in there and cause a big, big upset…I missed out on paydays [waiting for Mayweather fight], titles.”

So Mayweather has been name dropping Khan’s name for attention? That’s funny. Why would Mayweather do that? It would seem like he would be better off name dropping talented fighters like Keith Thurman or Adrien Broner.

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